Upper cervical means “top of the neck” – but the effects are felt through the whole body. An upper cervical doctor focuses on the top of the spine, right at the head and neck junction. The care is specific and gentle. But the effects aren’t limited to the head and neck.


Upper cervical chiropractors do things differently, leading to different results.

What the upper cervical doctor does and what you experience is different than 95% of other chiropractic practices. Because we look at the spine so differently, upper cervical chiropractors do see patients that have not responded to the most common chiropractic methods. If you haven’t seen an upper cervical chiropractor, then you haven’t experienced all the profession has to offer you.


Upper cervical care uses 80 years of clinical research, precision X-rays, mathematical measurements, spinal analysis and pre/post objective instrumentation to understand and correct upper cervical subluxations. Once a correction is made, a post-instrumentation reading is performed to ensure the subluxation has been cleared.


Generally speaking, upper cervical chiropractors spend more time in the analysis of their patient’s spines, creating a custom approach to bringing the spine to better balance. Upper cervical doctors use precise x-rays of the head and neck. Then, measurements are taken and an analysis is made to determine exactly how the top vertebrae are misaligned. Part of upper cervical’s uniqueness is that it is the only healing profession that clears the nervous system of interference and balances the body using a natural, precise and gentle procedure, without twisting or jerking the spine. There are other chiropractic methods that also have a lot of study involved – but none of them focus on the vital area – the top of the spine – like we do.

Upper cervical chiropractors deliver custom care to you.

Because the analysis is extensive and the application precise, repeated corrections are often unnecessary. The intent is not to make a correction every visit but rather to make a correction and have it hold for an extended period of time, thus allowing the body to heal itself. We emphasize the prevention rather than the treatment of disease.