Here are some before and after pictures of my psoriatic arthritis. I had psoriasis for over six years before going to Grant Chiropractic. My legs had gotten so bad, that the psoriasis was bleeding and very itchy.

I’ve tried all kinds of supplements and even prescription creams and nothing helped until I went to see Dr. Grant on a regular basis. The spinal adjustments he has been giving me have helped me so much and as you can see, my legs are now clear from psoriasis.


Before Adjustment


After Adjustment


Blood Pressure

“I have tried 5 different blood pressure medications to bring my blood pressure down and nothing seemed to work. One day I recently I checked my blood pressure and it was 186/92. I made an appointment to see Dr. John and have him adjust the upper two bones in my neck and within 15 minutes my blood pressure dropped significantly (142/75).” – Edna C. – Blue Ridge, GA


“As a result of a weight lifting injury I have suffered from numbness down the left side of my thigh and various pains in my spine, along with limited range of motion in my neck and tremors in my right arm for the past 35 years.

Beginning in 2017 there was a popping sensation in my spine and I lost a lot of the feeling in my left leg down to my toes, which resulted in losing 50% mobility in my left leg. In April 2017, I started receive adjustments from Dr. Grant. I had immediate relief and the feeling started to come back gradually over the weeks to my left thigh and now the mobility of my leg is normal.

I was also experiencing pins and needles in the toes of my left foot. Now after receiving regular adjustments 80% of the feeling is back in my toes, I have full range of motion in my neck (just like when I was teenager), and my tremors are 80% improved. Overall my spine is more flexible and I feel more youthful since getting my adjustments.” -Mike S. – Mineral Bluff, GA

Neck & Low Back Pain, Seizure Free

“I am 17 years old. I am about to tell you about how much seeing a chiropractor is good for you. Since I started seeing Dr. Grant he has made me feel a whole lot better. It’s like I feel like I’m a whole new person. I have been dealing with neck and lower back pain for a long time now but now I feel like a new person. I have also been seizure free since coming to Dr. Grant.” Autumn M. – Ellijay, GA

Inability to Sleep, Leg Pain

“When I went to see Dr. Grant for the first time, I could not sleep at night without rubbing my legs down with Aspercream before I went to bed. I had a lot of pain throughout the night and had trouble walking during the day because of pain. After two weeks of adjustments I could walk a lot better and had no pain at night. My back was also in bad shape but is now improved. I am allergic to a lot of medication so it was hard to find one that I wasn’t allergic to. Now I am off all medications and doing good.” – Jean H. – Blue Ridge, GA


“I believe I am finally on the path to recovery thanks to Dr. Grant’s expertise and care. I am thankful to Creator for Dr. Grant’s encouragement and belief that I will be healed. I trust his skill and appreciate his dedication to my recovery.” – Paco C. – Cleveland, GA


“During the past few years I have had several bouts of problems with my back, neck, and hips. Dr. Grant has always been the most considerate personimaginable. During my last pregnancy, my hips gave me terrible pain. Dr. Grant was terrific. Some days I would have to go to his office twice a day because of the pain (I was 8 months pregnant). Dr. Grant always had prayer with me before each adjustment and he always acted like it hurt him as much as it hurt me to see me in such pain. Talk about a a wonderful bedside manner! My baby was born healthy and my hips finally went back to normal!” – Pam M. – Epworth, GA

Don’t Give Up Hope

“Five years ago I was hurt on the job and had major surgery. Covered by workman’s compensation I followed all the rules of my neurosurgeon and went for regular check-ups as required. At every visit I would complain of still having severe neck and back pain, numbness of my left arm and hand, and lack of strength. I was told there nothing more that could be done for me, and to keep taking Ibuprofin, and for five years I did.

Finally, I sought the help of a SPECIFIC CHIROPRACTOR, Dr. John Grant. He was very professional, understanding and sympathetic to my condition and my needs. After an exam and x-rays Dr. Grant found what no one else could. A shift in the axis at the top of my neck. I started to get adjusted and listen to his advice not to give up hope. I began to feel more and more improvement physically and mentally. Now after 6 months I must say I feel 110% improvement. NO PAIN, NO NUMBNESS, STRONGER AND NO MORE PILLS!

Don’t give up hope. Dr. Grant will provide you with a healthier and pain free life style.” – Ron E. – Blue Ridge, GA

Epilepsy, Cerebral Palsy, & Enuresis

“If someone had told me that my daughter within four weeks would be sitting without assistance, regain use of her right hand (she has not used for years), get the warmth back in her legs, be free from most of her seizure medication, and gain strength in both her legs, I doubt I would have believed them!!

First, let me tell you that I have taken my daughter to many so called, specialists on epilepsy and all they ever did would be to add another medication

to a long list of treatments which usually left her exhausted and worse off than before. Unfortunately, it has taken 22 years to discover that those doctors didn’t know what to do or did not take the time to find the real cause of her cerebral palsy and epilepsy. Secondly, Dr. Grant from day one spoke to my daughter and I with understanding and patience. No doctor has ever talked to her before but usually pretended like she was not in the room. I can’t wait to see how much more progress will have occurred by the end of the eight week program.

Again I want to thank Dr. Grant and his staff for not only giving us a renewed hope but more important the spiritual support that has kept me going. –Deborah W. – Greenville, SC

“P.S. Since my daughter’s treatments have been so successful, I called my nephew, in Texas, who is seventeen and had a lifelong problem of enuresis (bedwetting). He came and after only one week he has ceased having any further problem. Actually, he has had no problem since the first adjustment. It is all so exciting.”

Increased Mobility, Energy, Pain Relief, Restored Sensations

“Since being under Dr. Grant’s chiropractic care for 5 months I have noticed improvements in my overall health beyond what you might normally expect from “simple” chiropractic. In addition to increased mobility and energy and almost total release from pain overall, with the adjustment of the central nervous system (upper neck at base of skull) has come the restoration of sensations that I did not even know I had lost. Taste and smell were the first things I noticed. Then my eyesight improved.

In my experience, the cost of this long-term care is very reasonable and manageable, especially when compared to other types of Doctors, drugs, and medicines that treat only the symptoms and not the causes. I intend to use Dr. Grant’s healing gifts of chiropractic from now on for general maintenance. It feels so good to feel good again! A very sincere “THANK YOU” to God and Dr. Grant (and his helping angel and wife Laurie) – what a wonderful team! Gratefully,” Sue M. – Blue Ridge, Ga


“As a current patient of Dr. John Grant, I was recently asked to write a “testimony” regarding my progress. His intention being to share my chiropractic journey. I can’t do that without crediting him and his staff. They operate his clinic with humble spirituality, professional compassion and enthusiastic support.
I have lived a blessed, creative, and by most standards, adventurous life. I’m just this side of 60.
One day while shopping in the organic food section of the clinic, Dr. Grant heard me discussing my neck issues with one of the staff. He asked if x-rays might be a possibility, to which I agreed. At the following appointment, before he explained the carnage made evident, he sat me down and checked my pulse and asked if he could take my blood pressure. I’ve never had high blood pressure and thought “you’re wasting your time.” I’ve never even had high blood pressure when in excruciating pain. But I did that day and in the days to follow. It wasn’t ambulance high, but enough to cause concern on Dr. Grant’s face. He could have adjusted the structural bits, sold me a therapeutic pillow and suggest that I go A.S.A.P. to my MD, who would more than likely have put me on blood pressure medicine, which I more than likely would have been on for eternity or until the side effects killed me. Instead he opened a complicated can of worms, The Big Picture.
Dr. Grant, as a chiropractor, is not required to address a patient’s blood pressure, and not licensed to write prescriptions for medications. But he took the time to ask me about all my supplements, the kind of salt I was using, sleep habits, types of exercise, hydration levels, dietary routines, stress factors, and the presence of pain or numbness, etc. He said that I had compensated for a lot physically. He asked if he might pray with me. I had detected the warm spiritual atmosphere in his place, well before I benefited from his expertise in the physical realm. Throughout the next several weeks I was educated, encouraged, and gently manipulated. As inflammation receded, I was able to walk with less pain, soon striding to the top of a mountain near my home without stopping. My resolve increased quickly along with my stamina.
Dr. Grant made several suggestions regarding my supplementation. With his suggestions in conjunction with my own research into my health and body, my blood pressure dropped by almost 50 points on systolic and 25 on diastolic in just 3 months and has remained well within optimal levels since then, actually going a little lower at times. I am better in every way, even if I have occasional swelling in my bad leg (to be expected). Again I extend my gratitude to Dr. Grant, who always deflects heavenward. That’s alright with me.” – Dawn D. – Blue Ridge, Ga


“A few years ago I started to experience pain in my neck and shoulder areas. I ignored it for a couple of months, but it continued to get worse. I purchased a new computer, an ergonomic chair, a rest cushion for my palms, and worked on better posture. No improvement. I went to my MD, physical therapist, got an MRI but nothing stood out. Next I went to an orthopedic who took an x-ray and recommended a cortisone shot. Then off to a neurosurgeon. He reviewed the x-ray and MRI; seeing nothing he sent me to have a bone scan. After reviewing the scan, he basically said that he did not know what was causing the neck pain. I then went to another orthopedic doctor and after examining me and looking at my x-ray, MRI, and bone scan he said he thought I had a couple of vertebra in my upper neck that were locked. He suggested I try a chiropractor.

I met with Dr. Grant and he recommended a course of treatment that went several months. I started to see improvement in the range of motion, lessening of the stiffness that I had experienced, and a reduction of pain. By the end of Dr. Grant’s treatment regimen, I had experience a significant improvement in my neck. I can now turn my head without experiencing the pain that I once did.” – Len C. – Blue Ridge, GA

Kids Need Chiropractic Too!

“Our 4 year old woke up with shoulder pain over the weekend and could not turn her head. I was told to take her to the emergency room. Instead we called Dr. Grant who met us in the office right away even though he was closed. He was very patient. Explained about x-rays and let her operate the table to see how it worked. He adjusted her and she was upset for a few minutes. By late evening our daughter had almost completely quit complaining about her shoulder and could turn her head somewhat. Monday she was adjusted again and she describes her experience as a “little teeny click, and it didn’t even hurt!” She will tell anyone who will listen about HER doctor! My family and I have become firm believers in Dr. Grant. I would recommend anyone to him.” – Dave M. – Blue Ridge, GA